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Your #1 Rated Digital Marketing Agency

Top Fin Marketing is your top-rated digital marketing agency for a number of services:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Facebook Social
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google AdWords
  • Website Development
  • Brand & Content Development

We're your one-stop shop for all your digital marketing and branding needs.  Our experts are industry leaders with a track record to prove it.  Having started and developed multiple multi-million-dollar companies, our masters of marketing haven't just helped clients build their brands into powerhouses, they've done it themselves.

Our Approach

It's important to us to take a holistic approach to marketing.  Anything but a holistic approach only lasts as long as you're buying it, like purchasing backlinks, paying for 'organic' web traffic, or any number of other ways a digital marketing agency might try to buy rankings for your business.

Holistic marketing requires a multi-faceted approach.  A single strategy for SEO or social media just doesn't cut it.  It takes a little of everything being strategically balanced and working together to build a lasting online presence.  That's how we establish your business as a dominate force on Google and social media.

About Us

Our digital marketing agency exists to help business owners like you excel in the online advertising space.  Because we've been in your position, struggling to find the right marketer to help drive our business forward, we understand the difficult decisions you're facing.  In fact, that's how Top Fin Marketing came to exist: we were disgusted with our options of marketing firms for our different businesses.

As business owners, before we took control of our own marketing, we were scammed.  We trusted outside marketers who took our money and did not produce results, nor did they do half of what they said they would.  This experience made us realize that there is a deficit of marketing firms with a great product and reliable integrity to choose from.

With years of experience building our in-house marketing teams and turning our businesses into multi-million dollar ventures, we decided we wanted to help other business owners with what we've learned.  Top Fin Marketing exists because we believe business owners need a marketing firm who has dealt with the bigger picture of business ownership and can relate to your needs.  Our experience in both business and marketing makes a unique fit for the industries in which we are well versed: home services, real estate, and accounting.

Ready to Find Out More?

If you're ready to get your business' growth on the right track with a carefully crafted marketing strategy that fits your budget and business' needs, call today.  Our experts understand not just marketing but small business ownership and the struggles involved.  We know the best way to get your business growing based on your industry type, financial needs, and the market you're competing in.  We know because we've done it and continue to do it.

But don't take our word for it.  Start with a free consultation today to see first hand who you'll be working with and what you can expect.

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More About Our Record

Owner's Beau and Christopher have together and separately started several successful companies, all of which are still active, healthy, and growing, including most notably Surfside Services, one of South Alabama's largest home service companies.  Other ventures include Azalea City Tax & Accounting, Southern Bay Realty, and more.  Between their own successful companies and countless clients they've helped, they've become a formidable pair in business building and digital marketing.

As proof of success, we believe customer reviews are the cornerstone for determining if a business should be given a chance of serving you.  That's why we proudly display our reviews, because our customers' experiences with us give you an insight into what you can expect.

April Barton
April Barton
Absolutely amazing! Fantastic marketing service for realtors.
April gunter
April gunter
I cannot say enough good things about Top Fin Marketing. From the outset, the team showed a deep sense of professionalism and dedication to the task at hand, which was to help us boost our marketing campaign and establish a stronger online presence. I highly recommend their services.
Surfside Heating & Cooling
Surfside Heating & Cooling
This marketing firm has done a fantastic job for us! They have taken us from not ranking to ranking top three in so many parts of our service area. The organic rankings we have earned through Top Fin Marketing have allowed us to reduce our paid advertising budget by thousands of dollars monthly.